Exclusive Offer at Outdoor Water Solutions

Optimal Fish Food is proud to announce an exclusive offer only available through Outdoor Water Solutions this pond season!

Outdoor Water Solutions started in March of 2005 as a way to offer high-quality pond and lake products to their dealers and customers at reasonable prices. Their initial focus was on using wind energy to provide aeration. Since then they have expanded their product line to include solar and electric aerators, fountains, pond microbes, dyes, docks and a wide range of other products.

Along with all the great products available by Outdoor Water Solutions, you can now purchase Optimal Pre-Paid Cards for two 40 lb. bags of Optimal Bluegill Pond Feed, Optimal Junior Pond Feed, and Optimal Bass Pond Feed from

Optimal Pre-Paid Cards add a new level convenience by allowing you to be able to stock up on your feed for the season without having to warehouse any of it. Whenever you are ready to replenish your stock of feed, all that is required is to enter your pre-paid code at and the freshest feed is delivered directly to your door.

Optimal Pre-Paid Cards make for the perfect gift for all pond enthusiasts. How often can you send a friend 80 lbs. of fish food inside of a greeting card.

As a company, our goal at Optimal Fish Food is to provide you with what we believe is the best fish food on the market!  Optimal uses quality ingredients to maximize the growth of your fish and has several different products available to meet your specific needs.

Optimal Fish Food is committed to producing the highest quality performance fish feed in the marketplace by utilizing innovative technology and novel ingredients to promote health and longevity across a wide range of fish species.

Visit to check out their wide selection in pond and lake products.

Outdoor Water Solutions - Optimal Fish Food

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Introducing Optimal Handthrow Feed

Optimal Fish Food, a company composed of a small team of people with varied specializations and decades of experience in aquaculture, have pooled their knowledge and created a new line of feeds that help fish grow faster and live longer in a pond environment . As the 2018 pond season begins, we are excited to announce a new product line – Optimal Handthrow Feed, a 1″ floating 44/8 pellet designed for large pellet-trained trophy fish.

“Optimal Handthrow Feed is a continuation of our commitment to provide targeted species-specific fish nutrition, utilizing superior ingredients, only in a larger pellet design targeted to larger, trophy-sized fish. We feel this larger pellet will increase feeding response and deliver concentrated nutritional components with less energy spent by the fish,” states Clayton Enzor from Optimal Fish Food, “as larger fish will instinctively target larger prey so as not to expel unnecessary energy chasing down numerous smaller prey to gain the same amount of nutrition. This unique pellet will deliver the most effective, proper nutrition to these high-end, trophy carnivores.

Optimal Handthrow feed was designed for use by pond and lake enthusiasts who prefer a larger pellet that many current commercial feeders cannot throw. The 1” pellet size uses the same enhanced formulation with reduced fat levels for trophy bass in ponds. The unique 44% protein/8% fat formulation will provide optimal nutrition and better longevity for your larger, older trophy fish.

Optimal Handthrow Feed provides the next innovation in growing and maintaining trophy largemouth bass and by utilizing their natural instincts, this feed will deliver more digestible energy and provide higher levels of important vitamins and essential micronutrients, thereby providing superior growth, health, and longevity.

Optimal Handthrow Feed is be available, along with our other lines of feeds, directly from the Optimal website here. With the goal of ensuring that all of our feeds are the freshest possible, Optimal Fish Food sells directly to consumers and provides free shipping for all orders placed through their website.

Contact us at, through our contact form, or at facebook for more information.

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Optimal Starter Fish Feeds Performance Results

Optimal Starter Fish Feeds for fry and juvenile fish

Providing optimal nutrition for rapidly growing fry and juveniles is a key feature of successful fish rearing. Gains made in these early life stages become “compounding interest” as fish grow and develop. After years of work, Optimal Fish Food is now launching its line of starter fish feeds enabling you to benefit from our work on yellow perch, bluegill, bass, salmonids and marine fish. Use of our Optimal feeds in appropriate feeding protocols produces superior growth and health for fish such as shown below for yellow perch. (more…)

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