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SOLitude Lake Management is the exclusive vendor of Optimal Junior Low Phosphorus Feed.

As part of a custom Fisheries Management Plan, SOLitude Lake Management’s team of Fisheries Biologists are able to analyze your fishery and work with the team at Optimal to create a feed that will help your fishery thrive while keeping your nutrient levels low.

SOLitude Lake Management is a nationwide environmental firm committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty and preserve natural resources. SOLitude specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management programs that include water quality testing and restoration, nutrient remediation, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, bathymetry, mechanical harvesting and hydro-raking, lake vegetation studies, biological assessments, habitat evaluations, and invasive species management.

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Optimal Junior Low Phosphorus Feed is available at SOLitude Lake Management

Optimal Junior Low Phosphorus Feed takes the guess work out of wondering if you are feeding the right feed for your pond. By linking key nutritional parameters with biological and physiological responses in fish as well as monitoring the effects of the feed with the quality of the waters; Optimal Fish Food has developed a feed utilizing cutting edge ingredients, high quality proteins, and fortified key amino acids. Optimal Junior Low Phosphorus Feed provides the nutritional requirements to grow healthy fish and provide an increased feed conversion rate all while minimizing water quality impact.

Optimal Junior Low Phosphorus Feed is designed with a smaller 3.5mm pellet and an enhanced formulation for use in smaller or recently stocked fish. The 42% protein / 10% Lipid formulation uses highly digestible protein sources with known attractant and palatability characteristics to encourage feed training. Additionally, fortified key amino acids and antioxidant levels support superior growth and health in crucial early life stages.

SOLitude Lake Management - Optimal Fish Food Low Phosphorus Feed