Optimal Starter Fish Feeds Performance Results

Optimal Starter Fish Feeds for fry and juvenile fish

Providing optimal nutrition for rapidly growing fry and juveniles is a key feature of successful fish rearing. Gains made in these early life stages become “compounding interest” as fish grow and develop. After years of work, Optimal Fish Food is now launching its line of starter fish feeds enabling you to benefit from our work on yellow perch, bluegill, bass, salmonids and marine fish. Use of our Optimal feeds in appropriate feeding protocols produces superior growth and health for fish such as shown below for yellow perch.

Starter Feeds - Fish Food Trial Data
Starter Feeds - Fish Food Trial Data

Performance of Yellow Perch Fry and Juveniles Reared on Optimal Starter Feeds As Compared to Another Commercial Starter Feed.
Yellow perch fry were reared in tanks and fed either Optimal Starter Fish Feeds (shown in yellow) or another commercial starter (shown in gray) beginning on post hatch day 21 after feeding fry live feeds. Both groups of fry were fed starters for a total of 111 days after hatching. The yellow perch fed Optimal Starter Fish Feed were over four times heavier and 50% longer as compared to the yellow perch fed the other commercial starter feed.

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