Optimal Open Trial #2

For those who have not yet signed up, entries for Open Trial #2 will be closing Friday, April 12th.

Last year I made a trek across the south eastern United States, I stopped at a number of fish farms and talked to some amazing fish fanatics. During these conversations, I heard a number of theories as to why some pond owners/managers believe they have had so much success in their ponds. One subject that came up many times was what food/forage their fish seemed to prefer. Although the secrets varied from person to person, it got me thinking…why not test some of these ideas out? Upon landing back in South Dakota, I fired up the extruder and made 6 diets and that was how the Optimal Open Trial #1 began. We will soon be posting the results of the feedback we received from Open Trial #1.

We are now taking submissions for anyone that is interested in being a part of the Optimal Open Trial #2. If you are selected, we will send you small samples of each of the diets.

We would like you to use your imagination, and see if they can discover a preference in your fish to one diet over an other. We have our tanks to conduct research in the traditional sense, and we are quite proficient at that. However, I want to utilize the knowledge and experience of people who are out using our feeds and see what feedback they come up with.

Optimal Fish Food endeavors to make the best, highest performance pond fish food there has ever been. We cannot do it without the feedback from the people actually out using it.