Introducing Optimal Handthrow Feed

Optimal Fish Food, a company composed of a small team of people with varied specializations and decades of experience in aquaculture, have pooled their knowledge and created a new line of feeds that help fish grow faster and live longer in a pond environment . As the 2018 pond season begins, we are excited to announce a new product line – Optimal Handthrow Feed, a 1″ floating 44/8 pellet designed for large pellet-trained trophy fish.

“Optimal Handthrow Feed is a continuation of our commitment to provide targeted species-specific fish nutrition, utilizing superior ingredients, only in a larger pellet design targeted to larger, trophy-sized fish. We feel this larger pellet will increase feeding response and deliver concentrated nutritional components with less energy spent by the fish,” states Clayton Enzor from Optimal Fish Food, “as larger fish will instinctively target larger prey so as not to expel unnecessary energy chasing down numerous smaller prey to gain the same amount of nutrition. This unique pellet will deliver the most effective, proper nutrition to these high-end, trophy carnivores.

Optimal Handthrow feed was designed for use by pond and lake enthusiasts who prefer a larger pellet that many current commercial feeders cannot throw. The 1” pellet size uses the same enhanced formulation with reduced fat levels for trophy bass in ponds. The unique 44% protein/8% fat formulation will provide optimal nutrition and better longevity for your larger, older trophy fish.

Optimal Handthrow Feed provides the next innovation in growing and maintaining trophy largemouth bass and by utilizing their natural instincts, this feed will deliver more digestible energy and provide higher levels of important vitamins and essential micronutrients, thereby providing superior growth, health, and longevity.

Optimal Handthrow Feed is be available, along with our other lines of feeds, directly from the Optimal website here. With the goal of ensuring that all of our feeds are the freshest possible, Optimal Fish Food sells directly to consumers and provides free shipping for all orders placed through their website.

Contact us at, through our contact form, or at facebook for more information.