Happy Father’s Day

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting! Fishing with dad on fathers day was and always is a special time. We cherish many great memories of spending time on the water with dad. In honor to all of the fathers out there, we are offering 10% off all orders of 5 or more bags of fish food. To receive the discount enter the coupon code FATHERSDAY at checkout. This offer is limited so now is the time to stock up on your Optimal.

For a lot of our customers, Optimal not only provides food to grow large and healthy fish, but we are proud to play our part in this amazing culture of making memories with families and friends at the pond. Memories that will last a lifetime. Besides the great stories of boiling waters, finally seeing their pond come to life, and pictures of new personal record size fish in their ponds, we receive heartfelt stories about people with their kids, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren laughing with excitement as they toss feed from the dock or uncontrollable grins from ear to ear as they pose with their first bluegill.

We know the hard work that goes into building, maintaining, and managing a pond. One day everything seems to be going great and then the next thing you know your to-do list grew tenfold. But what we all hope to build is more than simply a pond full of healthy fish – we hope to create an experience that will be shared and enjoyed by everyone that has a chance to see your water.

Our goal as your feed provider is to hopefully lessen your to-do list at your pond by providing high quality feed that is fresh and convenient. We work day and night trying to make sure we can provide you with the best fish food as easily as possible and continually work towards finding ways to enhance our business to better your Optimal experience. To us, it is more than just fish food and more than just a business. We want to provide you an experience with fish food that you never would have imagined. A company not focused on profits, not willing to cut corners for an extra dime. We will never treat one of our customers as a number but instead provide that Optimal experience from the purchasing of our food, to the quality of the product, to the growth of the fish, to the minimizing impacts on water quality, and to the privilege of being able to interact, have conversations, and share stories with each and every one of you.

Fish is something deep inside all of us at Optimal. From the memories of catching our first fish to dad teaching us to tie our first knot to being able to share grandpa’s fishing tricks with our children is inside each of us. The passion continued as we pursued higher education related to fish, nutrition, and science all while still visiting dad’s secret fishing hole. And now we are able to share our passion for fish with each and every one of you.

We would like to thank all of our supporters for sharing our passion for fish through Optimal Fish Food and cast a very special Father’s Day to you and yours.

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