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Optimal Fish Food would like to start with a sincere thank you for your involvement in aquaponics, pond & lake management, and aquaculture. Without people like you, the continued growth and development of sustainable fisheries would not exist. We are proud to contribute to your passion by finally offering an option for a performance driven fish food developed specifically for your passion.

After decades of scientific research and hands-on experience, Optimal Fish Food has developed and introduced high-quality diets formulated for the nutritional requirements of targeted fish species and their specific life stages. Not only are our diets created with top-of-the-line ingredients and no unnecessary fillers, they are also created in a way which minimizes impacts on water quality, maximizes fish health and longevity, and can be delivered to your door fresh when you need it.

On behalf of everyone at Optimal Fish Food, we appreciate your interest in providing your fish with the most advanced formulations in fish feed.

Our Optimal Commitment

We are committed to producing the highest quality, performance-driven fish feed in the marketplace by utilizing innovative technologies and novel ingredients to promote health and longevity across a wide range of fresh and salt water species. While feed is our primary focus, we are totally committed to provide superior customer support and accessibility to everyone from the pond enthusiast to large commercial operations—we want both your fish AND you to be happy!

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Words From Customers

Bluegill that get the right nutrition from the very start get VERY big!

Bruce Condello - Optimal Fish Food - Big Bluegills

Bruce Condello

owner of bigbluegill.com

Optimal Fish Food provides the consistency and quality I desire for my clients.  The food absolutely grown bluegill quickly, and because of its unique shape, bass redear, and crappie have been eating it.  Optimal Fish Food is a game changer for lake management.

Steve Bardin - Optimal Fish Food - Texas Pro Lake management

Steven Bardin

Texas Pro Lake Management

The addition of Optimal Feed has change my clients fishery. They are very pleased and astonished how the pond has become more active.

Joshua Flowers - Optimal Fish Food - Twin Oaks Ponds

Joshua Flowers

Twin Oaks Ponds

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