Optimal Starter feed is the result of linking key nutritional parameters with biological and physiological responses in fish. Optimal represents nearly 10 years of focused nutritional research as well as the utilization of medical research techniques resulting in several break-through products not only for food fish producers, but trophy pond enthusiasts as well.

Optimal Starter #3 provides the next step in nutrition for juvenile fish as they progress from fry through fingerling stage. As with other Optimal starter feeds, high quality protein and lipids are balance with specific levels of key micro-nutrients to create a diet that delivers excellent growth in your fingerlings while providing superior support for the health and immune function during this critical life stage.



Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein - not less than 45%
Crude Fat - not less than 16%
Crude Fiber - not more than 4%
Phosphorous - not less than 0.75%
Ash - not more than 8%