Optimal Aquaponic Feed is a specialty feed utilizing the same unique formulation approach as other Optimal feeds – designed for superior health, performance and water quality. Optimal aquaponic feeds utilize several critical modifications targeted to promote more rapid plant growth, improved plant budding and fruiting, as well as preserving organic standards.

This is achieved using essential chelated minerals (copper, manganese, iron), as well as optimized phosphorous and potassium supplementation that assist in plant performance without adversely affecting fish growth and health. Optimal Aquaponic Feed is designed to satisfy the specialized needs required for growing healthy and sustainable fish and produce in aquaponics systems.



Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein - not less than 38%
Crude Fat - not less than 8%
Crude Fiber - not more than 4%
Phosphorous - not less than 2%
Ash - not more than 8%
  • Laurie J from Clean Fresh Foods

    “The fish are too healthy, they grow too fast … We are VERY impressed with your product.”